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Lumberton, NC, SC

So you are looking to move into the Lumberton area, and you have been looking into buying a nice, manufactured home. You obviously don't want to just do this by yourself, so you want to find a quality real estate agency that specializes in selling new and used manufactured homes in or around the Lumberton area. You also want to make sure they are a reputable company because buying a home isn't really something you want to take any chances with right? So where in the Lumberton area are you going to find quality realtor services that can get you the results you need without a whole bunch of hassle? Right here of course! Welcome to East Coast Housing Inc, your premier source in the Lumberton area (and most of the surrounding areas as well, to be perfectly honest) when you need quality real estate services. We would love to help get you in a great new home, so call us today and see what we can do for you!

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